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Drop It Like It’s Hot

August 5, 2012

If you want to get back on track or just lose a few pounds quickly, there are some healthy changes anyone can make.  By anyone I mean anyone, not just bariatric patients.  Many bariatric patients feel that once they have had their procedure they can eat “just like a thin person.”  Little do they know, most thin people work at it.  Very few people just randomly eat what they want when they want and look amazing.  

Start with liquid calories.  Drink water.  I’m talking 100 fluid ounces a day.  Track it too.  I prefer but there are many options that are just as free and just as easy to use.  Drink your water.  If you’re a coffee drinker, drink even more water.  And, if you’re a coffee drinker, drink some about a half hour before you work out.  It will help you work harder and longer without you realizing it.  

Ban white pasta and white bread.  If your goal is something like five pounds in a week or so, drop all pasta and bread.  If you’re going for more, start with a white bread and pasta ban, then you can add back in some wheat.  Much like vegetables, the darker the bread or the pasta, the more nutrients it has for you.  

Do 30 minutes of cardio every day for a week.  It would be great if you did it every day forever.  It would be great if I did it every day forever.  Think of your goal.  Is it long term or short term?  If you want to make it a habit then 21 days of 30 minutes of cardio every day will have you missing it on the days you don’t do it.

Besides the white stuff, come on, you already knew French fries weren’t good for you, stop eating one thing.  Baked potato chips every day, one cookie every day, something like that.  A little sacrifice.  It will add up.  

And find a way to add some super foods to your menu.  If you don’t like salmon, try it every possible way because it’s just that good for you.  If you had that twice a week, that would be spectacular.  Blueberries, strawberries, pumpkin, spinach, tomatoes, turkey, and walnuts are some other super foods.  Make sure you’re taking whatever vitamins are appropriate for your bariatric surgery, for your age, for your health.  Have your blood tested.  Seems everyone is low on vitamin D these days.  

All in all, these are simple and straight forward changes you can make.  Just a few tips to shave off some pounds or jump start a major weight loss.  Remember, you didn’t put the pounds on overnight, it just seems like you did.  They won’t be off by the time you finish reading this.  You have to start somewhere.  Start today.  Start now.  You’re not in it alone.




August 7, 2011

Without struggle there is no strength.  No pain no gain.  Ruffles have ridges.  Surgery is just a tool (I said tool, it’s still funny).  Only you can change you.  You have to want to change.  Carbs are delicious (that one’s mine, feel free to borrow it).  Water-loading good, water-boarding bad.  OK, that’s not a cliché.  I just thought of it.  Imagine all the people who are searching water-boarding on the internet and stumble across this.  They shall be disappointed.  I had a self-fulfilling prophecy.  About two months ago, when I found out that I as going to be on a reality show, I said I have plenty of time to really lose these 15 pounds.  Bet I won’t do it.  Aaaaaand, I was right.  Now, it’s not convenient to duct tape myself for an entire week, but duct tape now comes in ecru so I am considering it.  We went to our county  fair the other day and my husband took a picture of me sitting in one of those egg things that’s part of the Tilt-A-Whirl.  I said who is that fat woman with your daughters?  The next day he pulled out a video of me after I had lost 100 lbs. and that was revolting.  So, in comparison, I am not fat.  However, I am driven by my whims, fancies and desires.  I like instant gratification.  I always have.  I eat right for a day or two  and wonder why I’m not at my smallest immediately.  I’ve read what addicts should and shouldn’t do.  I don’t get that flashcards suggestion though.  Yeah, I don’t see me doing that.   When you want it, in my case some sort of food, think about how you’ll feel after.  OK, a handful of chocolate chips are wonderful.  No, really, have you not tried them?  What’s wrong with you?   Weird-o.  Especially if I press them into the roof of my mouth, let them melt a little, then drink a little iced coffee and have the tastes mingle.  Good.  Times.  How do I feel when I’m doing it?  Fantastic.  In return, it makes my brain crave more.  I rationally know this.  So I should never do it.  Yet that high is so amazing.  Yeah, tough call.  Hard to believe that  nine years after my gastric bypass I still have to say to myself what is more important?   my totally hot clothes (oh, they’re smokin’) or a mouthful of deliciousness?  Still there are times I waver.  Like when I’m happy, or sad, or tired.  Or when I’m breathing.  But this time I have realized one thing.  I am not a complete and total failure.  I do a lot of good.  I also know that when I get these 15 lbs. off, again, I will self-loathe, again.  Because I know me.  And that is something.