Poppies Will Make Them Sleep

Did you sleep well last night?  How many hours did you get?  Was it uninterrupted sleep?  Think about it, how much sleep do you really get?  When it comes to sleep there are a few things you should know.  One is your “basal sleep need” and that’s what it takes for your body to function without you driving off a cliff, intentionally.  Then there is your “sleep debt.”  You’ve probably said that you have to catch up on sleep because for a day or two you only got four hours of sleep.  If you don’t pay your sleep debt, in short, your body gets messed up.  Generally speaking, most adults require seven to eight hours of sleep.  That being said, everyone is different.  If you don’t feel sleepy on six hours a night, then clearly you don’t need eight.  

You probably figured out by now that if you don’t get enough sleep you may make poor decisions, your ability to reason and your reflexes aren’t what they should or could be, your ability to stay focused, hey, over here, pay ATTENTION,, is limited and, wait for it, wait for it, you may be overweight.  You may also develop diabetes, a co-morbid condition that often accompanies a person with a high BMI.

The Journal of Science Transitional Medicine posted more findings this week that back up the notion that a lack of sleep can lead to an overabundance of pounds.  In their study they put 21 people on a sleep schedule of 5.6 hours.  The participants were studied for three weeks.  In just 21 days, those 21 people showed an increased in insulin production and their metabolism sssllllooooowwwweeeeeedddd ddddooowwwnnnn.  

If you do shift work, have young children who, by their nature, need constant attention, are on call, just don’t keep a regular schedule–any and all of these things long term can result in weight gain.

15% of Americans do shift work.  30% of Americans are obese.  And why do they think our bodies change like this when enough sleep is removed from the equation?  It’s all to conserve energy.  If you’re exhausted, you will need all the energy you can get.  Therefore, everything in your body slows down.


From personal experience, I know that if I am off schedule, or have not been getting enough quality sleep (dare I say my sleep debt is high?) then I crave.  I graze.  I fail to thrive.  If I’m well-rested then I perform better mentally, physically, and emotionally.  And then I do not fall prey to emotional eating.  

Consider your situation.  Are you trying to lose weight, maintain a healthy one, or just feel halfway decent?  Take a load off.  It may save you from putting one on.



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