Without struggle there is no strength.  No pain no gain.  Ruffles have ridges.  Surgery is just a tool (I said tool, it’s still funny).  Only you can change you.  You have to want to change.  Carbs are delicious (that one’s mine, feel free to borrow it).  Water-loading good, water-boarding bad.  OK, that’s not a cliché.  I just thought of it.  Imagine all the people who are searching water-boarding on the internet and stumble across this.  They shall be disappointed.  I had a self-fulfilling prophecy.  About two months ago, when I found out that I as going to be on a reality show, I said I have plenty of time to really lose these 15 pounds.  Bet I won’t do it.  Aaaaaand, I was right.  Now, it’s not convenient to duct tape myself for an entire week, but duct tape now comes in ecru so I am considering it.  We went to our county  fair the other day and my husband took a picture of me sitting in one of those egg things that’s part of the Tilt-A-Whirl.  I said who is that fat woman with your daughters?  The next day he pulled out a video of me after I had lost 100 lbs. and that was revolting.  So, in comparison, I am not fat.  However, I am driven by my whims, fancies and desires.  I like instant gratification.  I always have.  I eat right for a day or two  and wonder why I’m not at my smallest immediately.  I’ve read what addicts should and shouldn’t do.  I don’t get that flashcards suggestion though.  Yeah, I don’t see me doing that.   When you want it, in my case some sort of food, think about how you’ll feel after.  OK, a handful of chocolate chips are wonderful.  No, really, have you not tried them?  What’s wrong with you?   Weird-o.  Especially if I press them into the roof of my mouth, let them melt a little, then drink a little iced coffee and have the tastes mingle.  Good.  Times.  How do I feel when I’m doing it?  Fantastic.  In return, it makes my brain crave more.  I rationally know this.  So I should never do it.  Yet that high is so amazing.  Yeah, tough call.  Hard to believe that  nine years after my gastric bypass I still have to say to myself what is more important?   my totally hot clothes (oh, they’re smokin’) or a mouthful of deliciousness?  Still there are times I waver.  Like when I’m happy, or sad, or tired.  Or when I’m breathing.  But this time I have realized one thing.  I am not a complete and total failure.  I do a lot of good.  I also know that when I get these 15 lbs. off, again, I will self-loathe, again.  Because I know me.  And that is something.

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3 Comments on “Cliches”

  1. Clay Callaway Says:

    JE, remember this- Even if you DO’nt get the 15 pounds off.. you are still a STAR ….NOT because you are lovely, witty, sexy, wise, smart, talented, super cool…. and all that… you are a star because you love your family… and you love all your friends..( shout out to and for Maree) .. and OK… you have beautiful eyes….:)

  2. captainriker Says:

    I think you forgot A stitch in time saves nine, a penny saved is a penny earned and odd numbered Star Treks used to be bad.

  3. Tracy Says:

    I just started Weight Watchers last week. I told my hubby in the first few days that I see why people quit diets. I am HUNGRY all the time. I’m sure my body will adjust but until then – damn!!

    PS Husband, cute child and I will be in Cookevegas this Friday – Saturday. Would love to see you guys if you have time (check your Facebook events)! 🙂

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