The Carbs, they speak to me in the night

It’s almost 1 in the morning, again, and I find that these many snow days have slowly caused me to shift back to the schedule I once kept when I worked nights.  OK, I’m not staying up until 3 or 4 am just doing generic stuff.  I remember assembing a shelving unit at that ungodly hour once.  Watched Woody Allen’s film Manhattan.  Love that movie.  Now a poorly acted western is on.  They are not all poorly acted by the way, just parts of this one.  I’ve been redesigning my website and learning sofware.  And eating.  I do believe, let me rephrase, I do declare, I have gained and lost the same five pounds over the last two months over and over and over.  Wow, that’s a really young Katherine Ross.  I digress.  I really liked the show MacMillan and Wife.  Not Katherine Ross, but I thought it worth mentioning.  So the point is, studies have proven, mine included (that’s this study,the one I’m having now) when you screw up your sleep schedule you mess with the hormones that help regulate your ability to control your eating.  Oh, and I would like to add, as a scientician, that when you’ve been snowed in for weeks and weeks, you just want to eat.  And celery isn’t what you want to eat.  It’s hard to explain.  Man, what’s with this kid?  Why did he get cast in a Jimmy Stewart movie?  Clearly, I need sleep.  And a steak.  But the question remains, in which order?

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