You’ve got to have faith

Hope.  That’s why you’ve turned to 6 Weeks to Skinny Jeans.  In the hope that this time it will work.  Hope is very powerful.  It’s all we’ve got.  But with hope, you’ve got to have faith.  And all that faith has to reside in yourself.  I had my bariatric surgery in 2002 and since then I have moderated my local support group for all those who have had or who are considering weight loss surgery.  And hope is what is in the eyes of the ones who are about to have surgery.  Especially the ones who have seen my before photo. 

See?  There I am, the manatee.  By the way, I can call myself that, you can’t.  I was at Sea World too, so it’s even more true.  I also call myself that because, in the 4th grade, my friend, Mary Elizabeth Tinsley held up a cover of National Geographic with a manatee on the cover and said, “Look! There’s Jane.”  Now, I wasn’t one of those, “she needs to go to fat camp” kids.  I was maybe 15 lbs. overweight in 4th grade.  That was way out of line.  And it clearly didn’t stay with me at all.  That being said, back to hope.  (Manatee my ass.  Which I’ve since had lifted.  but I digress.)  When you have people who look like I did in the before photo looking at you with hope in their eyes, it’s something I don’t take lightly.  No pun intended.  They’re afraid.  What if this surgery doesn’t work?  What if I wake up fat again?  What if I die?  What if I can’t give up my best friend food?  What if I get my life back and I find out that being fat wasn’t my problem after all?  That’s where faith comes in.  When you have the balls to change your life, you have to have hope and faith.  You will see  it works this time.  And for my support group I tell them it really will.  Because I’ll be there to help them.  That’s what Amy’s doing with 6 Weeks.  For everyone with the book it’s as if she’s there with you.  She couldn’t be any more supportive.  And if you think I’ve been Sister Mary Sunshine for her to deal with, you’ve got another think coming.  It’s true that every journey begins with one little step.  But you have to keep making those steps.  You don’t just take two steps and then throw yourself on the couch.  I recently had to explain to my 5-year-old how to believe in something she couldn’t see.  Your new healthy body and lifestyle is the same thing.  You don’t have it the first day you start the program.  You don’t have it the second week.  But if you have faith and you keep with it one day you wake up, and you’re fat.  No, that’s a cruel joke. Hilarious on my part, but no.  It was just sooooo easy to write that 🙂  You wake up and you are what you wanted to be.  Your new habits have become old habits.  I now go to restaurants and just tell the server I want something that’s all protein, on greens, no carbs, make it happen, then I clap my hands twice.  But when I do it, it comes out funny and not quite so bitchy.  I don’t recommend anyone just trying that, especially the hand clapping business.  I can’t imagine your food coming back to you unscathed if you pull that stunt.  So, are you afraid to change?  Probably.  Everyone’s afraid of change.  Old habits are comfortable.  We like them.  They’re cozy.  That’s why we keep doing them.  But you look at before and after pictures and suddenly you have hope.  Yes, you can do it.  And I believe it.  I believe anyone can change.  A before and after picture won’t make the difference though.  You have to have faith in yourself.  You can do it.  Now make it happen.  Clap clap.

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