I hate my body

I hate my body.  Love/hate.  The scale refuses to budge.  As it always does.  Oh, I know a few days from now I will drop something like three pounds all at once.  That’s the way it plays me.  My body is like a guy who is great on a date then won’t call for a few days.  As if that is acceptable.  Just be consistent asshole.  You’re into me or you’re not.  Don’t yank my chain.  My body is the ultimate chain yanker.  When I lose the pounds I’m walking on air.   When I don’t, all of sudden, the birds don’t sing as sweetly.  Stupid body.  And this is coming from a woman with a great rack who was just told she was “smokin’ hot” by a 24-year-old male model.  Yes he’s straight.  The same woman who is told about every other day she looks like Marilyn Monroe, or Lady Gaga, or Sharon Stone, or Marilyn again, and again.  Really, you would think this body-hating would stop.  And some days it does.   I never openly denounce myself though.  I do not want my girls to have this issue.  Not ever.  I tell them they are beautiful every day.  Which they are, by the way.  They never knew me fat.  And when I say fat I mean super morbidly obese.  And I am teaching them to be respectful of people of all sizes and to explain that obesity is a disease and people are just plain different.  Nobody should ever truly hate their body.  It is the only one you’ve got.  I had someone question me about the wisdom of a 6 week plan.  You would be surprised at how much fat, and formerly fat people know about nutrition.  Many have spent so much time reading about how to lose weight that a lot of information actually stayed with them, along with several inches of thigh.  Amy’s program  is an extremely healthy way to go about losing weight, and getting on track quickly.  For gastric bypass, and any bariatric patients, it is precisely how we should be eating all along.  I will be waving this book in front of  the support group I moderate every month (and not just because I’m in it either–please reference Carnie Wilson’s I’m Still Hungry page 94).  I do hope this love/hate body issue of mine comes to a close soon.  I would settle for a “we’re just good friends” relationship with my body.  I would be happy with that.

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2 Comments on “I hate my body”

  1. KMK Foley Says:

    because you are so honest.. that is why people love you… for YOU. No matter what.
    Besides.. I always thought you looked more Christine Aguiliara (sp) but more classy…..

    The quote someone gave me that describes my life/body?

    I’m at the age where my back goes out more than I do- Phyllis Diller.
    Nuff said.

  2. I love you! When we’re done… You need your own diet/joke book! I’m so glad to have you on this journey. You will beat that bad boyfriend and he’ll ask you to marry him (aka you’ll stay fit and healthy forever). =)

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