And so it begins

Hi.  My name is Jane.  And I am a food addict.  Oh, I have the proof.  I could go on and on.  And in this blog, trust me, I will.  I lost 200 pounds.  Yeah, big deal.  Most people who want to lose weight have probably lost thousands of pounds over many years.  So I did it all at once.  However, as an addict, sometimes I slip.  For instance.  With the disease of obesity, I used to let myself eat a little bit of candy now and then.  With my gastric bypass surgery, which I had in 2002, I found I could have some.  But as an addict it just triggered the craving for more.  So years ago I gave up candy cold turkey.  But my addictive side made up some loop holes.  Chocolate covered blueberries are fruit.  The way God intended you should eat them.  It’s a fine line.  My addiction.  My rules.  So I don’t eat M&M’s.  But my rational mind knows full well the caloric content of what I’m doing.  So I need a constant reminder to knock it off.  I love jeans.  When I was fat (formerly super morbidly obese people can drop the f bomb like that), I never wore jeans.  Now I prefer them low and tight.  And after this, smaller.  I know the size of the jeans isn’t important to me.  I know that designers mess with women’s minds.  I just know that I am a few chocolate covered blueberries too many away from my favorite jeans.

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One Comment on “And so it begins”

  1. We are going to rock with “6 Weeks to Skinny Jeans”! I can taste it! 🙂

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